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  • 2002-07-10 0.0.17 release
  • 2002-07-10 0.0.16 release
  • 2002-05-08 0.0.15 release
  • 2002-04-29 0.0.14 release
  • 2002-01-17 0.0.12 release
Anthem uses TSE3 technology
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 2002-07-10 0.0.17 release

  • Bugfixes
  • More reliant build

 2002-07-10 0.0.16 release

This is a bugfix and compatibility release. There is infrastructure for new facilities, but no major new features added.

 2002-05-08 0.0.15 release

This release sees a port to KDE3, but the code also works under KDE2 still.

  • Autodetects KDE2/KDE3 during build
  • Uses XMLGUI (provides consistency and configurability)
  • Tip of the day
  • More selection tools
  • Greater marker configurability
  • Configurable toolbars
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • New tabbed settings window

 2002-04-29 0.0.14 release

This release requires with TSE3 0.2.0.

  • Massively improved program. You'll notice immediately!
  • PartView buttons set now, drags set markers.
  • Many, many new SongWindow toolbars (flags, time, markers)
  • TimeLine displays flags
  • New port/channel handling
  • Common TSE3 widgets are moving into a new shared library.

       2002-01-17 0.0.12 release

      This release provides compatibility with TSE3 0.1.2.

       2001-08-03 0.0.11 release

      Features in this release:

      • Select voices by name or number
      • Some plugin scaffolding in preparation for plugin editors
      • Icons install properly on all platforms

       2001-03-30 0.0.10 release

      Features in this release:

      • ListEditor complete.
      • Command line ability to select either OSS and ALSA (either -oss-alsa.
      • PanicWidgets can now set GS/XG device IDs.
      • Cut/copy phrases implemented (but not paste).
      • Cut/copy tracks implemented (but not paste).
      • TrackList parameters field updates.
      • Added edit button to the PhraseSelectWidget (to see this, double click on a Part).

       2001-03-22 0.0.9 release

      The latest public release includes a lot of interal improvements and bug fixes, as well as the following features:

      • Plug-in able Phrase editors for extensibility
      • PartView updates correctly in many cases of the data being editted
      • Track insert and removal
      • You can set your own PresetColours
      • Added a debugging option --stream so you can capture MIDI output in a window
      • Can do "all notes off" in Panic window
      • DestinationWidget can now select ports by name

       2000-11-20 0.0.7 release

      This version of the Anthem sequencer is a much more mature application. There are many, many new features, but highlights include:

      • List editor
      • Zoom widget in the PartView
      • System tray gadget showing app status
      • Much better application configuration
      • Can now save in all file types (TSE3MDL and Midi 0/1)

       2000-11-20 0.0.6 release

      A development version of Anthem hasn't been released in a while, and this verison sees a number of huge improvements.

      This includes (but is not limited to):

    • Updates to work with latest TSE3 (0.0.16)
    • Updated Settings window to a tree list
    • Added an Instruments settings page where you can add/remove instrument definitions
    • Good file load/save, including opening from command line args
    • PartView window redraw drastically improved, with settings alterable in the settings window.
    • Build structure sorted out
    • Select menu
    • Splash screen
    • Progress dialogue for file load/ins file import
    • Implementataion of the TSE3 DisplayParams preset colours
    • SongWindow has a file modified status
    • PartView RMB menu
    • Nicer PhraseListWindow
    • SongWindow can now change it's current song, used if you load a file and you haven't modified the current song
    • SongWindow can now save and RESTORE itself when the session is restarted

      ... plus many other minor updates

       2000-09-28 0.0.5 release

      The 0.0.5 release sees a much improved build process - no more hackery! There a number of other, small, enhancements.

       2000-09-29 Linux Music-Station feature article

      See a feature article about the TSE3 library and Anthem at the Linux Music-Station. Go to

       2000-09-28 0.0.3 pre release

      Anthem 0.0.3 has been released. It has been updated to incorporate the many new features in the TSE3 library. New features include:

      • Added a Part editor.
      • Added Panic settings
      • Pointer modes on the toolbar (select, snip, glue)
      • Uses commands
      • now has undo/redo
      • Dragging Parts around, with NoOverlap and Replace modes working
      • Goto window
      • Timeline honours the TimSigTrack properly (you can't edit it yet, though ;-)
      • Updated for latest TSE3 library
      • Which tab of the Track setttings window depends on where you double clikced.
      • Synchro start/punch-in/repeat buttons.
      • Uses KActions - Repeat markers shown and settable
      • Beginning of framework for Phrase editors

      There is still plenty more to do...
      *** This is still a development pre-relase version ***

       2000-07-12 0.0.2.pre release

      Anthem 0.0.2.pre has been released. It includes many interesting new features including:

      • Things to click and do
      • Sexier Part redrawing with colour effects
      • Command history

       2000-06-XX 0.0.1.pre release

      The first public pre-release of Anthem has been made. It contains little real functionality but is a proof of concept and shows some of the interface ideas of the program.

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